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EK Water Blocks EK-Quantum Volume FLT 360 D RGB Plexi

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All new Flat (FLT) EK-Quantum Volume FLT memory units of the EK-Quantum series! The new volume... more
Product Information

All new Flat (FLT) EK-Quantum Volume FLT memory units of the EK-Quantum series! The new volume storage units are part of the EK-Quantum product range and feature an advanced addressable D-RGB lighting implementation. Each reservoir has standard 120mm fan mounting holes for maximum installation flexibility. The reservoir is equipped with a total of four G1/4" connections, allowing users to select the optimum configuration for their liquid cooling circuits.

FLT reservoirs with EK Quantum volume are available in three different sizes: 120 mm, 240 mm and 360 mm!

EK Quantum Volume

The new flat shaped reservoirs are designed to revolutionize the way you think about reservoirs and loop building. Since 120mm fan mounting patterns are the predominant mounting options in PC enclosures today, these new EK-Quantum Volume FLT reservoirs will provide greater installation flexibility by eliminating the need to drill new mounting holes in your enclosure.

The reservoir is equipped with a total of four industry-standard G1/4" ports that can be used as inlet and outlet connections, depending on the orientation of the unit.

The reservoir is made of high quality acrylic material, which has been perfectly machined, while the sealing is provided by a high quality EPDM O-ring. Next to the reservoir is a black anodised aluminium cover, under which the addressable D-RGB LED strip is located. Correct LED implementation is one of EK's main focuses, so that there are as few visible "LED hotspots" as possible.

Technical specifications:

  • Size (HxWxD): 360x120x53,5mm (with mounting system)
  • Capacity: ~350ml 
  • D-RGB plug 3-pin 5V digital LED male connector (pin assignment: +5V, D, blocked, ground)


  • EK Quantum Volume FLT 360 D-RGB
  • Mounting mechanism with all necessary screws for 120 mm fan mounting
  • Pair of EK container supports with fixing screws
  • 2 × G1/4 connectors 
  • 1 × Allen key for reservoir holders

Made in Slovenia - EU!

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Technical details
Color: Transparent
Preinstalled pump: No
Connector: G1/4" inner thread
Fillport: G1/4" inner thread
LED hole: Not available
Manufacturer: EK Water Blocks
Number of connections: 6
Model of reservoir: Pumpenstation
Material: Acrylglas, Aluminium (LED-Abdeckung)
Volume: 435ml
Dimensions: 120 x 365 x 58 mm (B x H x T)
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