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Alphacool Eisbaer LT92 CPU - black (without Fan)

Delivery: 2021-01-29 - 2021-01-31

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The Eisbaer LT 92 has been launched especially for small form factor cases. The space SFF cases... more
Product Information

The Eisbaer LT 92 has been launched especially for small form factor cases. The space SFF cases is extremely limited, therefore the Eisbaer LT 92 differs in several points from the normal Eisbaer LT.

Perfect for SFF cases
The cooling block and pump unit is only 40 mm high; this means it is smaller than the IO panel on the mainboard. This ensures that the Eisbaer LT 92 fits into almost every compact case on the market. The hose length is only 25 cm which means it is optimal for small cases in which the laying of long hoses can become a torture. This is one of the reasons why Alphacool does not use the usual quick release fasteners in the Eisbaer LT 92. Due to the compact dimensions of SFF cases, quick release fasteners can often be too cumbersome. 

Uncompromising with the materials
As is usual with Alphacool, the radiator is made of copper and comes from the well-known NexXxoS series. The antechambers, cooling fins and the water channels are made entirely of copper. The heat capacity of copper is almost twice as high as that of aluminium, which is particularly noticeable when the radiator is driven to its performance limit. When a comparable aluminium radiator fails, the copper radiator really gets going. The cold plate of the Eisbaer LT 92 is also made of nickel-plated copper. The TPV hoses and TPV connections with G1/4" thread come from the Enterprise Solution series for servers and workstations.

The DC-LT pump is already used in the normal Eisbaer, Eisbaer Aurora and the other Eisbaer LT CPU AIO water coolers. Its silent capabilities have already been confirmed in various tests of its sister models. The pump rotates at 2600 rpm and generates no significant vibrations. The DC-LT is a powerful pump that is also used for larger loops and offers a high flow rate.

The Alphacool Eisbaer LT 92 is the perfect partner for SSF housing cases and has been specially designed for them. The compact 92 mm full copper radiator offers more than enough power for powerful processors with an appropriate fan.

Technical data radiator:
L x W x H: 134 x 92 x 30 mm
Material cooling fins: Copper
Material prechambers: Copper
Material cooling channels: Copper
Material thread: brass
G1/4" threads: 2x

Technical data Cooler/Pump:
L x W x H: 69 x 69 x 39 mm
Material radiator bottom: Nickel-plated copper bottom
Material housing: POM
Connections: 2x G1/4" (+1x Fillport G1/4")
Pump: DC-LT
Pump speed: 2600 rpm
Delivery height: 0,85m
Max. Flow rate: 70L/h
Power consumption: 4W

Note: This AIO unit does not include a fan

Download data sheet PDF: Alphacool Eisbaer LT 92 data sheet
Download Manual: Alphacool Eisbaer LT 92 Manual

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Technical details
Manufacturer: Alphacool
Prefilled: Yes
CPU Performance: Excellent
Socket: AMD AM4, AMD AM3(+)/AM3/AM2(+)/AM2/939/FM2(+)/FM2/FM1/G34/940, Intel 2066, Intel 1151/1150/1155/1156/755/2011-3/2011/1366, Intel LGA 1200
Radiator Thickness: 25mm
Radiator size: 1x92mm
Hose dimensions: 12,7/6,7mm
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