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Noiseblocker Industrie NB-IP55 Serie 1500rpm ( 120x120x25mm )

  • 1012919
  • 12025-1500-12
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The high-quality NB-IP55 Series features a high scalable and reliable DC drive, Japanese... more
Product Information

The high-quality NB-IP55 Series features a high scalable and reliable DC drive, Japanese encapsulated double ball bearings and a solid, fibreglass frame. Flexibility and areas of use are greatly increased due the to cable management system. All models are protection class IP 55. Developed in Germany.

Reliable DC compact fans with protection class IP55 especially for industrial use.

Characteristics: protection class IP 55, high-quality EC-motor electronics EKA P2/3, cable management with extensible 500 mm cable, 3Pin Molex with speed signal line, auto restart function, integrated overload and faulty polarization protection. Japanese precision double ball bearing or magnetically stabilised friction bearing according to model. Impeller and casing made of reinforced fibreglass PBT UL94V0 30% GF.


  • free choice of number of revolutions
  • choice of connecting plugs and length of cable
  • Choice of electronic control unit
  • connection cable, cable protection, cable type, connection type
  • labelling, packaging
  • optional and also diverging protection classes
  • conforms with all certificates
  • material

Technical Details:

  • Number of revolutions: 1500 U/Min
  • Voltage: 12 V
  • Volume flow: 88.4 m³h
  • Static pressure: 15.8 PA
  • Volume: 0.6 Sone N
  • Acoustic pressure: 26.4 dBA
  • Performance: 88.4 m³
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Technical details
Size: 120mm
Rated speed range: 1500 - 1950 U/min
Air flow: 88,4 m³/h
Manufacturer: Noiseblocker
Power input: 10,0 W
Rated speed: 1500 U/min
Start voltage: 7,0 V
Volume range: 20 - 29,9 dB(A)
Pressure: 1,00 mm H2O
Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25mm
LED: Not available
RPM signal transmission: Yes
Power connector: 3Pin Molex
Air flow range: 50 - 99 m³/h
Voltage rated: 12V DC
Frame Color: black
Rotor color: black
Volume: 26,4 dB(A)
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