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screw UNC 6-32 x 40 cross black nickel (4pcs)

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Cross-slotted screws for mounting of fans on radiators. Screws with the special UNC thread,... more
Product Information

Cross-slotted screws for mounting of fans on radiators.

Screws with the special UNC thread, which is from the non-metrical unit system, was specially added for use with radiators from the UK and the USA. The UNC 6-32 is sized between M3 and M4.

The flat, larger head gives the screw a larger contact area, which allows covering of larger holes, which often are in many radiator grills. Additionally these screws are not only a constructive element, they also look just great!

The thread length was intentionally kept short to prevent accidental damage to the radiator fins by screwing in the screw too far. But still always take great care to check the length of the screws and threads before installation.

Important: These screws should only be used with 25mm thick fans as the screws are too long for thinner fans and may hence damage the radiator. If a radiator grill is used the screws usually fit again with 20mm thick fans.

XSPC, Swiftech amongst others

Technical specifications:
Material: Brass, black nickel plated
Length of shaft: 40mm
Thread length: 8mm
Head height: 3mm
Key width: 6mm

Extent of delivery:
4x Phobya screw UNC 6-32 x 40 cross-slotted - black nickel

Please note: Screwing in the screw too far may result in damage to the radiator, please always check the length of the screw. The screws may not fit in all cases!

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Questions & Answers
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Frage von Guest #252828 vom 08. August 2016
Hallo, ist das Gewinde passend für einen Arctic Freezer 240? Ich suche längere Schrauben für Montage von Vorkammern auf der Push-Seite des Radiators. Vielen Dank.
Antwort von Administrator vom 08. August 2016
Ja die haben das passende Gewinde.
Frage von Guest #326534 vom 11. November 2018
Ich besitze einen Cooler Master 240V, kann ich diese Schrauben für Lüfter+7mm Shroud+Radiator+Blende (Gehäuse:Thermaltake View71 TG) benutzen?
Antwort von Administrator vom 12. December 2018
Diese Schrauben werden dazu nicht passen, es sei denn es werden Radis genutzt, welche aus den USA bzw. UK kommen, da diese ein Zwischengewinde von M3 und M4 nutzen. Die Typischen Radis hier in der EU haben alle das M3 Gewinde, abgesehen von Watercool, dort wird ein M4 Gewinde genutzt.
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