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Corsair thermal compound TM30

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TM30 High performance thermal compound You can exploit the full performance potential of... more
Product Information

TM30 High performance thermal compound
You can exploit the full performance potential of your PC with the CORSAIR TM30 heat transfer paste made of high-quality zinc oxide, which is characterised by its low viscosity and is very easy to apply.

High-Performance CPU and GPU heat conduction paste
The thermal performance is improved and the temperatures are lowered by the high-quality heat-conducting paste based on zinc oxide.

Improved CPU-Cooling
Compared to conventional thermal pastes, the extremely low thermal resistance ensures lower CPU temperatures.

Optimum gap filling
Due to its low viscosity, the CORSAIR TM30 easily fills microscopic abrasion and grooves in the heat distributor of your CPU and contact plate of your cooler to provide an optimal heat transfer surface.

Reliable and safe
The enormously stable liquid mixture of the CORSAIR TM30 lasts several years without you having to fear drying out, cracking or a change in consistency. Regular replacement or re-application is therefore not necessary.
TM30 is neither conductive, nor toxic and without volatile compounds, so there are no risks for you or your PC.

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Technical details
Manufacturer: Corsair
Color: silver
Density: 2,5 g/cm³
Content: 3g
Thermal conductivity: 3,8 W/mK
Viscosity: 2300K cps TF
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