Masterkleer tubing PVC 15,9/11,1mm (7/16"ID) UV-active black

Masterkleer tubing PVC 15,9/11,1mm (7/16
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This hose is a highly flexible PVC hose with an outer diameter of 15,9mm and an inner diameter of 11,1mm.

Ordered amount: Hose length in meters

Hose size: Inner diameter 11,1mm, Outer diameter 15,9mm
Operating temperature range: -42.8°C to 73.9°C

Note: We always try to ship tubing in one piece. If this is not possible we will deliver the tubing in a maximum of 2 pieces and will include approx. 10cm more as a compensation. Resellers please order in packaged units. The unit size is 30m (100 feet) = 1 carton.

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Technical details

Color: Black
Inner diameter: 11mm (7/16")
Lenght: 1,00m
Manufacturer: Masterkleer
Material: PVC
Outer diameter: 16mm (5/8")
Service temperature: -20°, C, C bis 60°
UV - color: Blue
max. operating pressure: 4 Bar (at 20°C), C)