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Alphacool Plexi lighting module with cover G1/4 - Long Version

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Technical details
Manufacturer: Alphacool
Material: Plexi
Compatibility: 5mm LED
LED - color: Not available
Connector: 1x G1/4" outer thread
This lighting module is a very special development based on the standard lighting module. It has... more
Product Information
This lighting module is a very special development based on the standard lighting module. It has these new features:

Back cap:

The black cap at the End of the lighting module has the great effect that the light from the LED does not shine to the surroundings, but only into the other direction as for example into a reservoir.

Extra long shaft:
The new about 33mm longer shaft makes a very new kind of reservoir lighting possible. The special roughened surface of the shaft refracts the light from the LED. As a result we get a steadily lighting. Furthermore the lighting module itself is a new design highlight, when it glows like a luminous rod.

Technical data:
Material: Plexi
Thread: G1/4
LED-compatibility: 5mm LED
Measurements: 45 x 20mm
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