Alphacool VPP655 - T12 (1/2" barbed connectors)

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Alphacool's new power pump series, exceptional performance at an unbeatable price. The 12V pumps can simply be connected directly to the system PSU and the pump will start with your PC for maximum convenience and safety.

This pump is ideal for PC and other electronics water cooling. The DC pump is equipped with an electronically commutated spherical motor. In a pump with a spherical motor the only moving part is a spherically shaped rotor which in this pump is held in place by a bearing ball made of ultra-hard and wear-resistant ceramic. The spherical bearing of the rotor offers many advantages: For example an increase of bearing play is impossible due to the design, allowing the pump to run quietly and smoothly over its whole lifespan. A separate magnetic shielding of the pump is not needed.
The ball motor design allows efficient operation of the pump in combination with excellent performance. The pump can simply be connected to a 12V Molex connector of the system PSU.

The special feature of this model are the integrated 1/2“ barbed connectors which are ideal fpr hoses with an inner diameter of 13mm. Another feature is the ability to be adjusted in five speed settings via a lever on the pump.

Technical specifications:
Dimensions (WxHxD): 90x90x90mm (without connectors)
Motor: Electronically commuted spherical motor
Rated voltage: 12V DC
Power consumption: 23W
Permitted voltage range: 8-24V DC
Pressure head at 12V: 3,7m
Maximum flow: 1500l/h
Pumped media: Water, water/glycol mixtures
Maximum system temperature: 60°C
Materials: Stainless steel 1.4571, PPS-GF40, EPDM O-rings, Aluminium oxide, hard coal
Connectors: 2x 1/2“ barbs
Special features: Adjustable in five steps
Step 1: 1800 rpm
Step 2: 2550 rpm
Step 3: 3300 rpm
Step 4: 4050 rpm
Step 5: 4800 rpm
Power connector:  4 Pin Molex

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1x Alphacool VPP655 -T12 (1/2" barbed connectors)

Datasheet D5 Pump VPP655

Please note: Pump control possible with Heatmaster!
Note: For pump control via the Heatmaster the Alphacool pump adaptor cable (Item No. 52171) is required!

The installation manual you can find here as Download

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Alphacool recommended for correct operation of the water cooling distilled water!



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-D5-Klasse Wasserpumpe für Wasserkühlung. -Für alle Wasserkühlung Enthusiasten -Die VPP655 is die selbe D5 wasserpumpe wie mit Swiftech. Sonst einfach klasse.


Technical details

Approved fluids: Water, Water/ glycol mixture
Color: Black
Dimensions: 90 x 90 x 90 mm
Input: 23W
Manufacturer: Alphacool
Material: Plastic, ceramic
Possible control range: 8-24V DC
Power connector: 4Pin Molex
Voltage: 12V DC
Water inlet: Barbed fittings 12 & 13mm (1/2")
Water outlet: Barbed fittings 12 & 13mm (1/2")
max. discharge head: 3,7m
max. discharge head: Good (2 to 4m)
max. flow: 1500l/h
max. flow: Extreme (more than 1400l/h)
max. system temperature: 60°, 35°C


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