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Alphacool NexXxoS Cool Answer 240 LT/ST - kit

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Technical details
CPU Performance: Excellent
Hose dimensions: 13/10mm
Manufacturer: Alphacool
Prefilled: No
Radiator Dimension: 278 x 124 x 30mm
Radiator Thickness: 30mm
Radiator size: 2x120mm
Socket: AMD 604/771/G34, AMD 939/AM2/AM2 /AM3/AM3 /FM1/FM2, Intel 1150/1151/1155/1156, Intel 1366, Intel 2011, Intel 775
Alphacool‘s kits of the latest generation, tailored to customer requirements! The...more
Product Information

Alphacool‘s kits of the latest generation, tailored to customer requirements!

The Alphacool complete cooling kits consist of carefully chosen Alphacool products which maximize usability for you.The “Cool Answer” complete cooling kits are the answer to both small cooling requirements as well as large system with multi-core processors and/or extremely over-clocked systems.Alphacool can look back on more than 10 years of experience, resulting in ideally configured cooling systems.
The current kits differ in the reservoir/pump combination and in radiator size respectively radiator thickness.The LT/ST kits consist of the latest Alphacool DC-LT pump in combination with a 5.25” slot-in reservoir. A 30mm thick full-copper radiator from the ST series completes the LT/ST cooling kits.DDC/XT kits offer the proven Laing-DDC pump with a higher pump performance as well as a 45mm thick XT radiator for additionally improved cooling power.The absolute highlight of this set is the new D5 set series which with a Alphacool VPP655 pump and raditaors in different thicknesses and lengths up to 480mm UT60 (60mm thick) radiator is unrivaled.

At the core of the water cooling system: The CPU water block
The new Alphacool NexXxoS XP3 has risen to the top of the water cooling charts and has beaten the competition.The patented cross-slot technology of the popular NexXxoS XP was developed even further, improving both flow rate as well as cooling performance.The water block is compatible with all current sockets on both Intel and AMD Mainboards.Two mounting brackets are included with the water block and can be exchanged without having to disassemble the water block.

The motor of the water cooling system: The pump
Alphacool has implemented a new concept for pump instal- lation with the DC-LT by enlarging the proven Repack reser- voir and integrating the pump into the rear of the reservoir. The DC-LT pump has an impressive pressure head of 2.2m at 12V and is fully functional even at a water temperature of 65°C.The pump has a very low power consumption of only 4.9W and can be connected directly to the Mainboard via a 3-Pin plug, just like a fan.With the included adapter you can run the pump with 5V or 7V to reduce the volume.

The tank of the water cooling system: The re- servoir
Having been redesigned, the Repack reservoir for DC-LT pumps is a true optical highlight. Up to four 5mm LEDs (not included) can be integrated to create unique lighting effects within your system. Filling is quick and easy with the top-side filling opening. At the rear, up to 2 DC-LT pumps (only one included) can be installed.This allows for extra pump perfor- mance to be added at a later point in time, whilst maintaining whisper-quiet operation.

Heat dissipation for the water cooling system: The radiator
Alphacool‘s NexXxoS XT45 Full Copper radiators are a completely new development from Alphacool and offer the unique feature of copper fins, copper channels and copper chambers. Up until now it was standard to manufacture only the fins from copper, and all other components from brass. But Alphacool went one step further! As a result, the new Alphacool radiators established themselves as the new standard for high quality and cooling performance in many tests. Depending on the set configuration, different radiator sizes are included (Single, Dual,Triple or Quad).

Connection elements in the water cooling system: Tubing and fittings
Alphacool utilizes the large 13/10mm tubing size for the Cool Answer kits, allowing maximum flow rates.The “deep black” fittings in combinations with the clear tubing create an elegant high-end look.The other components included with the Cool Answer kits are coolant, fans and an ATX bridging plug.The proven coolant CKC Cape Kelvin Catcher is used undiluted and filled directly into the system. For the radiators, suitable quiet fans are included. During the first filling of the cooling loop, the ATX bridging plug can be used to start the power supply without turning on the computer to allow the pump to run for de-aeration.

Mounting and expandability
After installation of the CPU water block reservoir and radiator, the included tubing must be cut to suitable lengths (e.g. with a tubing cutter or Stanley knife, not included) and installed.Additional components such as mainboard or graphics card water blocks can always be integrated into the cooling loop later. Hence the Alphacool Cool Answer complete cooling kit is the ideal starting point for a successful start into the world of computer water cooling.
We offer three different types of kits: Economy, Business and First Class. Just as in air travel, each class has its very own appeal! Of course each class offers exceptional value, meaning that you will of course get more performance when spending more money. Every user should always think about what is planned with the cooling system and choose a suitable system accordingly.

This kit includes:
1x Alphacool NexXxoS XP3 Light - Intel/AMD
1x Alphacool Repack - Dual DC-LT - 5,25 Single Bay Station 1x Alphacool DC-LT Ceramic - 12V
DC - Pump - bulk Version 1x Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 Full Copper
3x Alphacool tubing AlphaTube HF 13/10 (3/8“ID) - clear
6x Alphacool 13/10 compression fitting G1/4 - Deep Black
2x Alphacool Coolmove 2 - 1300rpm (120x120x25mm)
1x Alphacool CKC Cape Kelvin Catcher Clear 1000ml
1x ATX-bridging plug (24 Pin) - black

Note: The product picture may differ slightly from the delivery.

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Alphacool recommended for correct operation of the water cooling distilled water!

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3 May 2015

Alles bestens

27 Oct 2014

Pumpe egal mit welcher einstellung laut oder/und störend. 2 Montageanleitungen für AMD dabei,beide verschieden, beide unnütz. Vertiefung der Schraube im Ausgleibehälter verhindert vollständiges befüllen.

15 Oct 2014

Das Set ist für den Einstieg in die Materie perfekt. Es ist alles, wirklich alles was man benötigt dabei.

14 Aug 2014

Alles Top! Bis auf die Pumpe. Trotz 5 Volt ist sie alles andere als Silent. Man hört ein leichtes "rattern" und das trotz eines dickeren Dichtringes und entkoppelns. Die 2 Lüfter hab ich nicht in Benutzung, nur kurz auf 12 Volt angetestet. Scheinen auf volle Leistung auch zu rattern aber das ist keine Alltagsspannung.

23 Jan 2014

Das ist meine erste wasser kühlung ich bin sehr überrascht von der kühlleistung und lautstärke. Die CPU hat nicht mehr diese temperratur schwankungen wie mit dem normal lüfter

22 Jan 2014

das was man wollte und bestellt ist sehr gut

4 Jan 2014

eine sehr gute kühlleistung, ging ohne probleme einzubauen

10 Jun 2013

Habe das Set ohne große Mühe einbauen können.Die Pumpe leistet trotz der geringen Größe gute Arbeit.Leider hat anfangs der Ausgleichsbehälter Probleme gemacht(es wurde immer wieder Luft angesaugt).Entweder Behälter umdrehen oder PC vorne etwas erhöhen,dann gehts!

1 Mar 2013

Super wakü-einsteiger set. Nutze dieses Set um phenom 2 x4 965BE @ 3,8ghz zu kühlen. Ich muss sagen, ich bin total zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis. Hatte vorher scythe mugen 2 drauf und nun 10° Temperaturunterschied.... Wahnsinn. (habe das set noch mit zweiter Pumpe und alphacool nexxos 120mm Radiator erweitert um Graka später mit einbinden zu können.) Ich empfehle dieses Set jedem der einen Preisgünstigen Einstieg in die Wasserkühlungswelt sucht. Die Komponenten sind hochwertig und das Set ist erweierbar (im gegensatz zu corsair komplettlösungen ala h100 und co.)

12 Dec 2012

Hier fehlt leider eine richtige Montageanleitung sowie die Abstandshalter für den Radiator!!! Ansonsten kühlt das System richtig gut

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