10mm G1/8 plug fitting 90° revolvable - blue

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Compatible to our pumps as well as some high-performance radiators. The thread is screwed in (or glued to the pump) and can be revolved freely (360°).
Installation made easy: With the so-called P&C system connecting hoses is done quickly and easily. For release of the hose just press the (blue) ring and the hose can easily be removed. And in addition to that P&C fittings are an optical highlight in any watercooling system!

Material: Several
Important: Use only with stiff tubing.
Connector:cylindrical 1/8" and for 8x1 hoses (as=10mm outer diameter)

Note: Turn dry before use with a wrench, then the fitting is freely revolvable!

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Tecnical details

1. Side: diameter 10mm
2. Side: G1/8" outer thread
Color: Silver nickel
Compatibility: Stiff tubing (PUR)
Material: Brass
Rotatable: Yes (360°)
Specification: Shape: 90° angled, Angled
Thread length: 7-8mm


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