Schott fitting G1/4 - black nickel

Schott fitting G1/4 - black nickel
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Our trusted fittings are available in a whole new design!

Robust  high-quality bulkhead fitting. Ideal to connect 2 (e.g. angled fittings) when looping the cooling system to the outside.. The only modification needed is a hole of the required size. Then simply insert the bulkhead fitting and tighten the two counter-nuts.

Technical details:
Material: Brass, black nickel coated
Thread size: G1/4" Inner thread
Key width: 19 & 22mm
Hole size: 20mm

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black nickel bulkhead fitting

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Please note: Due to the deep inlet problems with the seal may occur as the standard seal rings of some fittings may not have contact. Hence we recommend an additional seal ring (Art.No.: 95004), Phobya Thread sealing tape (Art.No.: 32002), Sealing thread (Art.No.:32002) or thread sealant (Art.No.:32111)




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Technical details

1. Side: G1/4" inner thread
2. Side: G1/4" inner thread
Color: Black nickel
Compatibility: Soft tubing (PVC, Silikon, Neoprene)
Material: Brass
Rotatable: No
Specification: Mounting hole: 21mm
Thread length: Not specified