10/8mm (8x1mm) straight Schott-fitting - black nickel

10/8mm (8x1mm) straight Schott-fitting - black nickel
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Our trusted fittings are available in a whole new design!

Robust  high-quality bulkhead fitting. A great way to make a good-looking and technically matured connection of the cooling loop to the outside. With the two counter-nuts the fitting can be fixated in the case. The only modification needed is a hole of the required size. Then simply insert the bulkhead fitting and tighten the two counter-nuts. After that simply push on the two hose ends and fixate them with the union nuts and you are all set. Available for 8x1 and 6x1mm hoses.

Technical details:
Material: Brass, black nickel coated
Hose size: 8mm inner diameter, 10mm outer diameter
Thread size: M14

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black nickel bulkhead fitting

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Technical details

1. Side: 10/8mm
2. Side: 10/8mm
Color: Black nickel
Compatibility: Soft tubing (PVC, Silikon, Neoprene)
Material: Brass
Rotatable: No
Specification: Mounting hole: 15mm
Thread length: Not specified