Alphacool 13mm (1/2") barbed fitting 90° revolvable G1/4 with O-Ring - chrome

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Alphacools's fittings go new ways in looks, quality of manufacturing, colours and choice. The inner diameter of these fittings truly deserves the „high flow“ attribute!

The first three colours, Chrome, Deep Black and Shiny Copper offer something for every taste. The product matching series are designed to look elegant in every system, highlighting the individual design of the computer. The limits are endless with these Alphacool fittings in combination with Alphacool tubing!

With a new process during chromatising the surface finish is completely connected with the brass body, hence ensuring permanent intense colours and peeling of the chrome layer. The Alphacool name in blue lettering on some of the fittings additionally underlines the individuality of these items.

Functionality of this connector:
Beside classical fittings, barb fittings are another way to connect hoses with fittings. They are much more compact then classical fitting so that you can see more of the tube.. Very popular in Casemoddingsystems!
This fittings has a 90° kink and is pivoted. That´s important for an easy tubing of the system.

Extreme Highflow:
In difference to other fittings this barb fittings have a bigger inner! This fitting is unique in the Watercoolingscene because of his 13mm outerdiameter with 10mm fitting innerdiameter.

Alphacool recommended for correct operation of the water cooling distilled water!

Technical specifications:
Material: Brass, chrome
Color: Chrome

Height: 29mm
Width: 35mm
Depth: 17mm
Hose Size: 13mm ID
Fitting Inner Diameter: 10mm

Extent of delivery:
1 x  Alphacool HF Schlauchtülle 90° G1/4 Aussengewinde auf 13mm mit O-Ring drehbar - Chrome

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Technical details

1. Side: Barbed fittings 12 & 13mm (1/2")
2. Side: G1/4" outer thread
Color: Silver nickel
Compatibility: Stiff tubing (PUR), Soft tubing (PVC, Silikon, Neoprene)
Manufacturer: Alphacool
Material: Brass
Rotatable: Yes (360°)
Specification: Shape: 90° angled, Angled
Thread length: 5mm


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