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Aquacomputer GlowMotion, for approx. 5 l liquid 50ml Product No.: 30168
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Manufacturers ID: 71001

This original Aqua Computer water dye for watercooling systems allows an intense and risk-less colouring of the coolant in your watercooling system. All dyes are suitable for use with ACFluid in all common watercooling systems.

This is a dye which lights up in a very intense yellow/green if exposed to UV light. This concentrate is plenty for about 5l of coolant. It must only be used with distilled water and ACFluid. The colour of the concentrate is red, when added to water it will turn out green. A too high concentration leads to lessened performance! Shipped in a handy 50ml dropping bottle.

As this coolant contains dye it cannot be guaranteed that it will not stain e.g. clothing or other materials when coming in contact. Please also note that dye fades with time and the intensity of the colour may decrease.




(1 Liter = £63.40 )

This product will be shipped, unless otherwise specified, without a printed manual. For questions regarding the installation of the product, please contact our support.
> 5 in stock £3.17 (incl. 20 % Tax excl. Shipping costs)
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