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Koolance EXT-440CU Cooling System, Copper Product No.: 41074
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Manufacturers ID: EXT-440CU
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The EXT-440CU from Koolance is a compact external water cooling solution!

The Koolance EXT-440CU sets itself apart from other cooling systems especially with its compact dimensions. A PMP-300 pump as well as a 120mm radiator and 120mm high-speed fans are utilized in this system.

What makes this kit so special?
A complete concept to make installation of a water cooling system as easy as possible: This was the goal when designing this system. The basic components pump, reservoir, radiator and fan are mounted under the top plate. The beautiful black enclosure makes any system look more beautiful (mounting on enclosure with optional mount, item No. 38261, other mounting methods possible). Besides the basic components an additional fan controller is installed. With this controller unit the fan speed or a target temperature can be set to be kept automatically. This kit is equipped with 2x G1/4" connection threads at the rear. This allows the connection tubing to be routed at the back of the enclosure. Additionally a DVI connector to allow connection of the included power supply cable. Tubing and cable lead through a slot cover. The tubing can be looped through with up to 14mm outer diameter or can be connected with a bulkhead connector. The DVI cable is connected with a electronics board which is used for power supply via a 4-Pin Molex power connector and is equipped with temperature sensors (sensors included). A cable for emergency shut-off can also be connected optionally. Everything is explained in a detailed, illustrated English mounting manual as well.

- automatically adjusted fan speed or manually controllable in 10 steps
- pump speed adjustable
- Variable temperature alarms with three independent sensors and switch-off
- Blue reservoir lighting
- Adapted power connector - needs no power socket
- 120mm radiator with 120mm fan (optional installation of 140mm fan with item No. 38262 possible)
- Filling opening on top

The Koolance system does not contain water blocks for CPU, HDD, graphics card or Mainboard. To use the system at least a CPU water block is needed. All other components which are needed for a water cooling system (radiator, pump, display) are already installed in the system, Additionally fittings and tubing are needed to connect the system with the water blocks.

Technical specifications:
Materials: Aluminium enclosure, Plexiglas front plate    
Colour: Black
Connection thread size: 1/4"
Tubing slot cover loop-through hole size: 14mm diameter
Dimensions (WxHxD): 16cm x 9.3cm x 2.5cm        
Weight: 2,5kg

Extent of delivery:
Cooling system (pump, reservoir, radiator, fan, controller unit, LED display etc.)
English illustrated manual
Slot cover adaptor
Rubber feet
3 temperature sensors

Please note: Due to the low thread depth of only 5mm some fittings may require spacer rings (Item No. 14087, 14151 or 95008)

This product will be shipped, unless otherwise specified, without a printed manual. For questions regarding the installation of the product, please contact our support.
> 5 in stock 263.18 (incl. 20 % Tax excl. Shipping costs)
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