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Arctic Cooling Fan F12 ( 120x120x25mm ) Product No.: 78322
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Manufacturers ID: AFACO-120T0-GBA01

The ARCTIC F TC is a temperature-controlled case fan which keeps the temperature of the PC just right without additional monitoring or other measures.
The ARCTIC F TC adjusts its speed autonomously. Thanks to the temperature sensor the fan can simply be installed and no additional steps are needed. The fan controller is set to keep the temperature between 32°C and 38°C. If the temperature drops below 32°C the fan spins slowly and quietly. If the temperature rises the fan speed increases up to the maximum speed for more effective cooling of the system.
The ARCTIC F TC with its nine fan blades achieves high air flow as well as high static pressure, making it ideal for use as a case fan.
Additionally the Fluid Dynamic Bearing ensures a long lifespan of the fan.
The temperature sensor of the ARCTIC F TC is attached to a 40cm long cable. This offers great flexibility and the sensor can be mounted where most of the heat is produced. Additionally the fan can be installed on both sides of the case, either sucking air out or blowing air into the case.

Technical specifications:
Dimensions: 123x123x26mm
Voltage: 12V
Speed range: 300-1350rpm
Noise emissions: 0.5 Sone, approx. 35 dB(A)
Bearing: Fluid dynamic bearing
Weight: 136g

Extent of delivery:
1x Arctic-Cooling Fan F12 TC ( 120x120x25mm )



This product will be shipped, unless otherwise specified, without a printed manual. For questions regarding the installation of the product, please contact our support.
> 10 in stock 4.53 (incl. 20 % Tax excl. Shipping costs)
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